Window Show ActiveX

wndshow.gif (311 bytes) Window Show ActiveX is a 32bit OLE Control Module to show or hide your windows or forms in different cool ways. If you are weary of the immediate showing or hiding of the window, you can show and hide it in cool ways using Window Show ActiveX. You can show and hide your windows or forms in shape, blind, open, pulling, blocks, etc. Now you can choose one of the predefined 23 ways. And more and more different showing way will be implemented and free for registered user.

wndshow2.gif (122941 bytes)

If you have good ideas about new showing or hiding ways, please email me.

Register Window Show ActiveX Online Now

Current Version of Window Show ActiveX:
Current version of Window Show ActiveX is 1.00. It's made in ATL. You only need standard Windows and OLE DLLs to use the ActiveX.

How to Register:
You can register Window Show
ActiveX 1.x for US $35.00. After you register, you will receive a registration key that you can input by clicking the Register button in the About dialog. And you can distribute the ActiveX with your applications to your customers.

Download Window Show ActiveX:
Window Show
ActiveX 1.00 (192 K)

About window's handle:
Window Show ActiveX needs to know the handle of the window that you want to show or hide. If your development tool doesn't provide any way to get the window's handle, you can use free hWnd ActiveX to get the window's handle and pass it to Window Show ActiveX.
hWnd ActiveX 1.0 (22 K).

Download Windows Show ActiveX Sample Codes

Click button.gif (346 bytes) to download the examples. Click question.gif (416 bytes) for how to use ActiveX in this product and how to open or use the examples.

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